Keto Menu


(Order deadline on Wednesday, 6/16 at midnight) 


❄️Philly Cheesesteak Bowl: An ultra-rich skillet meal of steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms, swiss and provolone cheeses. [Cal 574, netcarbs 4.9g, protein 41g, fat 43g]


Sesame Salmon and Thai Cabbage: Salmon cooked in a house-made, keto-friendly sesame sauce served with mildly spiced cabbage. [Cal 540, Netcarbs 9.47g, protein 40g, 38g]


Chicken Parmesan and Zoodles: Chicken breast is baked in marinara and Italian cheeses and served over zoodles tossed with pesto. [Cal 552, Netcarbs 8g, protein 41g, fat 39g]


Giant Meatball and Hot Kale Salad: An all-beef meatball stuffed with blue cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and chives. Served with a creamy, hot kale salad.[Cal 594, Netcarbs 5.8g, protein 38g, fat 46g]


❄️Zuppa Toscana: The soup you love from Olive Garden but Keto-friendly! Italian sausage, bacon, kale and keto-tatoes (aka radishes) bulk up a cream-based, garlicky soup.  [Cal 520, Netcarbs 9.9g, protein 23g, fat 42g]


❄️Ranch Chicken and Green Beans: Diced chicken breast in a to-die-for ranch sauce with bacon, pepperoncinis, and buttery green beans.[Cal 546, Netcarbs 9.9g, protein 31g, fat 41g]


❄️Sausage and Roasted Veggies: Chicken sausages roasted alongside radishes, broccoli, mushrooms, and bell peppers. [Cal 524, Netcarbs 10.5g, protein 28g, fat 41g]

❄️Sweet&Sour Meatballs: Beef Meatballs are cooked in a Stevia sweetened sweet & sour sauce and served with cauliflower rice and roasted peppers. [Cal 523, Netcarbs 9g, protein 20g, fat 45g]



Keto Desserts for 6/20:


❄️ Toasted Coconut BlackBerry- Rich aromatic coconut is toasted to perfection and mixed with a fresh blackberry cheesecake served with a heavenly coconut and almond cookie bottom. Don’t

❄️Cookies and Creme- Dreaming of cookies and milk? Try this heavenly mixture of rich chocolate almond cookie crust with smooth creme filling that will remind you of an Oreo cookie but without the carbs! Top it with a keto chocolate fudge sauce and you will surely keep this guilty treat away from your loved ones!

❄️: Indicates Freezer-Friendly Item

All menu items will be prepared according to available ingredients. We reserve the right to alter the menu as necessary.