Keto Menu


(Order deadline on Wednesday, 1/27 at midnight) 


❄️Chicken Alfredo, Bacon, and Broccoli Casserole: Chicken, bacon, and broccoli baked in a creamy keto-friendly alfredo sauce and topped with parmesan.(calories 577, net carbs 5.1g, protein 37g, fat 44g)


Chili Lime Mahi-Mahi and Asparagus: Mahi Mahi is topped with a ball of from-scratch chili-lime butter. Served with Roasted Asparagus. (calories 525, net carbs 5.8g, protein 45g, fat 35g)


❄️Bacon and Turkey Chocolate Chili: Ground Turkey, Tomatoes and peppers are slow cooked with traditional chili spices and raw cacao powder..chili and chocolate are complimentary flavors! Topped with cheese and bacon. (calories 589, net carbs 5.7g, protein 43g, fat 42g)


BLT Burger Bowl: A 4 oz angus beef patty topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon, tomatoes and greens. Served with sauerkraut and avocado [Calories 610, netcarb 5.3g, protein 43g, fat 44g]


❄️Crack Chicken: Diced chicken in a creamy, cheese infused sauce topped with savory bacon and served with brussel sprouts. [Calories:604, NetCarbs: 7.7g, P: 38g, F: 46g]


Zucchini Pizza Skillet: Zucchini, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, bell peppers and cheese are cooked in a keto friendly marinara sauce. [Calories:542, NetCarbs: 10.8g, P: 31g, F: 40g]


❄️Cheesy Buffalo Chicken and Ranch String Beans: Chicken breast is baked in spicy buffalo sauce and cooling cheeses and served with ranch string beans. (Calories:546, Netcarbs: 8.2, P: 47g, Fat: 35g)


❄️Wisconsin B3 Soup: bratwurst, broccoli florets, and a touch of low-carb beer flavors this ultra-cheesy soup. (calories 564, NetCarbs 9.4g, Fat 45g, Protein 24 g)


Keto Cupcakes for 1/27:

Chocolate Peanut Butter - A dynamic sensory contrast of velvety rich Chocolate with a crunchy Peanut Butter combined to blow your taste-buds out of the water and remind you of eating heavenly carb filled peanut butter cups but guiltless with only 3 carbs!

White Chocolate Cranberry Orange- Beautiful smooth White Chocolate cake with your favorite hints of Orange and fresh cranberries. Topped with a whipped mousse combining the sweetness of White Chocolate and tartness of a cranberry this will have you singing to the heavens asking why are cranberries only available a short time?!

❄️: Indicates Freezer-Friendly meal

All menu items will be prepared according to available ingredients. We reserve the right to alter the menu as necessary.