About Us

Message From Our Founder: 

My goal with this company is to help each client achieve balance in their life. By removing the constant need to meal plan, shop, cook, and do dishes your time is free to pursue activities that fulfill you. Additionally, by adding highly nutritious foods into your daily life you will more easily reach the health goals you are striving for. I am always honored to be part of one of life’s greatest joys...eating

I look forward to feeding you!

Love and Light,

Celia Hatch

Founder, BioBalance


About BioBalance:

-Over 50,000 Meals Served
-All of our food is prepared fresh in a USDA certified commercial kitchen in Salt Lake City
-BioBalance is a small, local, woman-owned business
-We love whole foods, healthy foods, and massive variety.
- We Offer the Largest Selection of Ready-To-Eat Keto Meals